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Monday, August 21, 2006

For The Slightly More Intelligent Survey Whore
.Basics (As irritating as they may be).
The name you wish you had?:I love the one I have, but Marie would be better than Christine in the middle.
Your inner age?:however old I was in 1992...somehow I seem to be stuck there or in 1998.
The place you wish to be at?:where my heart is
Your ideal family?:is unconditionally loving and accepting
Your ideal career?:to travel
The cult you belong to? (In other words, religion):I don't
(Don't take the 'cult' thing too harshly)
Your weight minus all that belly flab?:105
Your -natural- hair color?:Light brown, almost auburn
.Back to the Past.
Your childhood aspirations?:artist
Your favorite teacher?:Dave and Pfitzer
Domestic enviroment?:house full of addicts...yet I am normal
First kiss?:probably Troy in PreK
Most memorable pet?:Tessa...from age 3 to age 23
Most memorable year?:the last 2...oh, the places I have been
Happy child vs. depressed child?:happy for the most part, I had my secrets but they scared me, they didn't depress me
First taste of alcohol?:? Who knows. My parents let me drink whatever they had in their hand. I fondly remember liking Little Kings--if anyone knows what they are!
First time behind bars? (if any at all):Walls are like bars...I hate being inside.
Place of birth?:My real birth: Lutheran Hospital, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. When I escaped those childhood secrets and fears: Cascade Lodge, Durango, Colorado
.Your Opinions On... .
Abortion:To each her own.
George Bush:I didn't vote for him.
Left wing politicians:I consider myself more left wing, but I keep my opinions to myself.
War:It happens. Humanity needs to accept other peoples beliefs and lifestyles and quit trying to convert each other to some other idea of thinking and living and being.
Reality TV:Entertaining
MTV:Dumb and no longer entertaining
School uniforms:Whatever
Catholics:Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but don't preach to me.
Lawyers in general:Necessary
The PETA:Have their place in the world, but again, don't preach to me as I already have my own opinions on the ethical treatment of animals.
Salad dressing:Essential, but never low fat or fat free.
High school chemistry:Never in high school.
Racism:is for those who are ignorant. Those that are not ignorant realize it's not about race, but peoples beliefs including their moral and ethical values.
The bible:Great stories and lessons.
sPeLiNg LyK dIs:Use your words, folks. Don't be lazy because of email, IM, or text messages. There are already enough problems with the English language, let's not add to them.
Harry Potter:What was life like before him? I love knowing that when a new one comes out, myself and millions of children and people around the world are all enjoying the same book.
Philosophy:Makes me think.
Suicidal teens:Natural selection just like tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and starvation. I'm not heartless, it is just reality.
Obesity:Think before you eat. Act before your fat.
Donation:Support good causes.
The pope:Silly old man.
Vegetarians:Have the right to choose. I've tried it. It's not for me...
Meat vs Veggies:...but I love my veggies. I also love my meat.
Liberal vs Conservative:Liberal
Time vs Money:Time
Wisdom vs Love:Love
Cats vs Dogs:Cats
Computer vs Television:Computer
Le Tigre vs Death Cab :D:Death Cab
Physical illness vs Mental illness:Physical
Outdoors vs Indoors:Outdoors...why do I need four walls to close me in when there are four beautiful seasons?!
Fantasy vs Reality:Reality
What color are your socks?:Barefoot
Do you love me?:Yes, more than I can ever express
Can you paint the sky purple?:Yes, always
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